Friday evening tattoo anyone?

Well, due to everyone in my household being away for one reason or another this Friday night, I can either sit at home all on my lonesome or do an awesome tattoo for someone.
Rather than sit alone in my underpants playing Call of Duty someone please get tattooed! It’ll be loads more fun.
If you’re interested fire an email over as soon as possible with your ideas and body location and I’ll get something special sketched up just for you!


August bookings being taken for smaller tattoos

Due to work commitments i’m looking to be booking in only smaller tattoos throughout this August. So if you’re looking for something unique and fairly small, fire an email over with your ideas and we can get you sorted!

I’m loving traditional style tattoo designs at the moment and would love to add more to my portfolio. I can soon sketch you something up from your ideas.

If you’re wanting something pretty big we have space in September.