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There’s no question at all that Facebook is very popular even though it get’s a slagging off whenever it’s mentioned, nearly everyone has a Facebook profile. There’s pretty much no getting away from it.

We have 2 Facebook accounts for All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge here in Bradford.

The first one is a ‘Like’ page, so if you get chance click the following link and ‘Like’ our page:


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So, if you’re more likely to use Facebook than anything else, just add and Like us on there, and feel free to message us on either of these if you need to know anything like available slots, tattoo costs etc etc.



Today has been a day for Olympic memory tattoos!

I’d been asked to do a few little bird tattoos with the writing L2012C for a few people. Turns out that the customers had been part of the closing ceremonies for both the Olympics and Paralympics of London 2012.

Rather than the obvious Olympic rings that no doubt will be getting done up and down the country, they wanted something a little more personnel to themselves and so had decided for the bird with the writing as this was stamped on all the performing artists wrists.

Olympic Ceremony tattoos

Olympic Ceremony tattoos

It was decided to spruce them up a little bit and make them a little bit more special, hence why some are different. I’m guessing there maybe more of these to do before long as there were a fair few people down there!!

Tumblr blog for Tumblr users

You can now get updates about some of the tattoos i’ve done at our Bradford, West Yorkshire tattoo shop, All Seeing eye Tattoo Lounge if you’re an avid Tumblr user.

Log into your own Tumblr, and click this link:


Then click ‘Follow’ in the top right of the page! Easy.

It’s just somewhere to talk further about some of the pieces i’ve done, the inspiration behind them and just general thoughts.

What i’m enjoying at the moment is recommending better ideas to people. For example, a chap came in today in his early 40’s after his first tattoo, great! Didn’t really have a clue what he wanted and was open to suggestions, yet when I asked what sort of thing he liked, he was pointing out really old and out of date tattoos that were the in thing 10 or 15 years ago but would look very much dated nowadays. It kinda taught me though that even though the tattoo industry as artists will frown on designs such as tribal and similar type patterns, that there are still an awful lot of people out there that look at them and think ‘Wow – that’s ace’.. so really, who are we to judge what looks good and bad, surely it’s a personnel thing? Well,…. that makes me a massive hypocrite because I informed him that the things he was pointing out on my screen were very dated now and then proceeded to help him with a totally unique and totally awesome design instead.

Hopefully when i’ve done it, i’ll remember to post up what the customer came in for, and what he left with! and i’m sure it’s going to be something he looks in the mirror and is glad he got some insider advice on rather than something a million other people have.

Cool beans…. over and out for today.

Anchor Chest Tattoo

Today I tattooed an anchor on Jodie’s chest. The design was based on one of her own sketches that we changed up a little so it fit nicely between two swallows she already had. In fact, the swallows came in quite handy as we used them to hold the ‘Karma’ banner making it all look intended.

Anchor Chest Tattoo

Anchor Chest Tattoo

Jodie sat like a rock and never once complained about pain.. Hard as nails!

Chest tattoos are becoming more and more popular on girls and in my opinion, look proper cool. I think now tattoos are a lot more acceptable and mainstream nowadays and with other influences such as Suicide Girls and TV shows like LA Ink it’s made girls a lot more confident to get the awesome tattoos they’ve been wanting, wherever they want them!


Cool tattoo design requests.

I just love it when a customer comes in and asks for something that really gets me excited to tattoo. This is happening quite often it has to be said, I have been blessed with customers with some awesome taste in tattoos!

I’m really looking forward to a traditional stlye anchor i’m getting to do tomorrow on a customers chest tomorrow, it’s going to look cool. Also, another customer has come in for a big owl’s head to be done on his leg in more of a realistic style. Brilliant. Can’t complain!


So if you’re in the Leeds or Bradford area and are looking for a local based tattoo studio providing a good standard of work at currently unbeatable prices, look no further!!

I’m still only charging £40 per hour for work with it often working out slightly cheaper than this. Look through my gallery at the style of work I like to do and take on and get in touch for something that will look badass.

I can usually draw up custom designs for my customer to make sure they get something unique to anyone else. So I can work off your ideas or sketches or photos of things that you like to come up with your very own unique tattoo.

Studio make over.

There’s two parts to the All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge. 1 part is the actual studio where you would get tattooed in with bright walls and lights and then there the consultation lounge with some old leather seats and plenty of tattoo magazines and books for you to be getting inspiration from.

Anyhow, the consultation lounge will be getting a cool new graffiti make over in a couple of weeks! We’re excited about this and along with a nice new front door (the old one is currently out of use due to some flooding issues!). This awesome transformation will hopefully make the place a lot cooler and more welcoming than it is at present. Although, you should pop in and say hi either way, we’re friendly y’know.

Did we mention that tattoos are awesome and you should come and get one?


Back at work!

Right, holiday is over. I’m back in the studio now, so if there is anything you’re after just send an email over.

I look forward to hearing from you.