Win a FREE TATTOO in our Christmas draw!!

Your chance to win a FREE TATTOO!!

As it is Christmas coming, I wanted to do something pretty special and so I am going to give away upto full days tattooing absolutely FREE to one lucky winner, to be done just before or just after Christmas (whatever suits the winner best).

How to enter for your chance to win a free days tattooing:

1. Email your name and contact number along with what you would want tattooing and where on your body to:

2. Email a link to this page to a minimum of 3 tattoo loving friends! (Copy us in so we can see you’ve done this!)

3. Your tattoo request is for one piece in one sitting so make it a good one (be sensible – no sleeves or full back pieces for example!)

That’s it! The winner will be plucked out of a hat at random and announced on here. I’ll probably do a little vid of this so you can see it’s all fair!

Merry Christmas from me.

Tattoo Gift Vouchers are now available from us – All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge in Bradford

We now have tattoo gift vouchers available. These can be purchased either by popping into the shop or by PayPal (email us for more details –

Ideal present for the tattoo lover for Birthdays, Christmas or any other special occasion!

Tattoo gift vouchers

Tattoo gift vouchers

The All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge is situated in Bradford, West Yorkshire. We’re out of the town centre but are easy enough to find.

We also have free private parking space and flexible(ish) hours!