Tattoo Deal for Thursday 21st!

Extremely late notice, but I had a rescheduling of tomorrow’s appointment which means tomorrow 21st March is free all day!

I’ve done the following badass design that I’d love to do after my latest similar owl tattoo i did got such good reviews!


Tattoo Deal for Friday 15th only!


Right, tomorrows free, so I thought i’d do a tattoo dealio, just to fill the day up.
I did these designs recently that i’ve really been wanting to tattoo, so the first person to get in touch can have one of these two designs for £80. Tomorrow only. Pretty big too. Preferably leg!
Either message me on here or text me: 07738 411635

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Facebook Business ('Like') page

Facebook Business (‘Like’) page

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Steve Wade Tattoo

Steve Wade Tattoo

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