2016 Tattoo conventions
Can’t make it over to the studio to get tattooed?… Well it’s not all doom and gloom, we do regular tattoo conventions all over the place. Here’s a few that we’re attending this year. If you’re looking at attending one of these shows and would like to get tattooed in public, fire over an email! 🙂
(Disclaimer: Please bear in mind we tend  to be a little more selective when it comes to the conventions for the tattoos we would like to do at them. We look for pieces that are going to excite us and anyone visiting the convention. These are usually a day sitting and we usually ask if the client is able to hang about for any competitions that may be getting held that we could enter them into afterwards!). Send your ideas to: info@all-seeing-eye.co.uk if you’re serious about this. Thanks!!

Dan and Steve are attending:
Liverpool Tattoo Convention – 7th and 8th May


Dan attending:
Scarborough Tattoo Show – 4th and 5th June

Steve attending:
Leeds Tattoo Expo – 4th and 5th June


Dan attending:
Cardiff Toy and Tattoo Convention – 23rd and 24th July


Steve and Lynden attending
Tattoo Jam (Doncaster) – 6th and 7th August


Dan and Steve attending:
Blackpool Tatcon – 20th and 21st August

Website looks unavailable. Go to the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/tatconblackpool

Dan and Steve attending:
Sheffield Tattoo Show – 5th and 6th November