Everyone loves pierced ears. Earlobes themselves are the most socially acceptable piercing one can have.

However, if you like something a little spicier than mayo, there is a whole world of options to enhance your lugs.


The above image gives you a good idea of the areas of the ear which can be pierced.

Let’s go through them alphabetically and hopefully I can help you reach a decision on which of these piercings you may want in the future:

antitragus copy


The anti-tragus is the firm little nubbin above your earlobe.

They are most commonly pierced with a curved barbell.

They are one of the more uncomfortable ear piercings you can get but they really do look stunning with the right jewellery choice.







This is one of my favourite piercings of all time.

The conch is the inner shell of your ear. It can be pierced at the very top, the very bottom, or anywhere inbetween.

It’s such a versatile area for multiple piercing projects, large-gauge piercing, or jewellery with larger attachments.

This area also looks great with a ring but if you call it an orbital I will slap that word right out of your mouth…

Okay, I wouldn’t really slap you with anything other than knowledge; An orbital is two piercings connected by one ring. A conch with a ring is a conch with a ring.





Actually pronounced ‘doth‘***- not ‘dayth‘, ‘die-ath‘, and definitely not ‘darth

Actually won’t cure your migraines, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that it might help (no promises).

Actually looks superb so you should get it anyway!

It’s a spicy meatball this one, so be prepared for a sharp pinch. It is so worth it!

***if you come to see me for this piercing, and you pronounce it correctly, I will give you 20% off***


Thus concludes Part One. Check back soon for the next thrilling installment of Ear Piercing 101!!!

-Stabby Luke