I hope you’re all ready for this next thrilling installment about ear piercing.

It’s gonna be a veritable rollercoaster ride, so sit still and strap yourself in cos I’ve got some of ear piercing heavy-hitters coming up!


earLGEar Lobe.

The ear lobe is without-a-doubt the most popular piercing in the galaxy.

Just about everybody has one, and rightfully so-

They’re versatile, easy to heal, and open to a plethora of jewellery options.

Ear lobes come in all shapes and sizes, and I’ve never met a lobe I couldn’t pierce.

For those that might ask- THERE IS NO GAY SIDE! So lets put that myth aside and we can all sound a lot less ignorant. Win/Win.




The Helix is the cartilage curl that folds around the perimeter of the ear.

After the ear lobe, it is a firm 2nd place on the piercing popularity polls.

It’s also super versatile, but it can be quite a tricky dicky to heal.

I would recommend popping back to have your jewellery downsized 3-4 weeks after the initial piercing (providing it’s healing well of course). Otherwise you could end up with the jewellery migrating, leaving you with a wonky & irritated piercing which is no fun at all.



FHForward Helix.

I know, I know- F comes before H. However it makes more sense to do it this way, and I don’t need to explain myself; SO THERE!

The forward helix has gained massive popularity over the past 5 or so years and rightfully so!

These piercings look fantastic as a solo piercing, but when you make it a double or triple it can look truly phenomenal.

Not every ear is suitable for multiple piercings in this area, so it’s always a good idea to come through for a consultation 🙂

I always offer discounts on multiple piercings btw 😉


That’s it for part two. Part three will be coming up next week. Thanks for reading.

-Stabby Luke