This is the question a lot of people are faced with when they know they want a tattoo but don’t have the inspiration to know what to get. Let me help!

I’m designing new and unique tattoos for my customers everyday which are always one off custom pieces that will only be tattooed once. However similar designs can be done based around other tattoo designs if required.

If you have a look in the ‘INSPIRATION’ section of my website, you’ll find a growing number of designs that are available as tattoos, and although they are shown as either pencil line drawings or shaded in maybe with a small amount of colour, it’s important to understand how they would actually come out as a tattoo.

Here’s an example of one of my sketches that I turned into a tattoo yesterday for a customer showing the initial sketch from my ‘Inspirations’ page to the finished tattoo on the customer:

From sketch to tattoo

From sketch to tattoo

The tattoos I specialise in are either the traditional style tattoos (bold will hold!) or more realism tattoos although there’s a big area of art inbetween all this that I love. The piece shown for example is similar to a realism piece but with a more abstract element thrown in which i’m absolutely loving at the moment.

So, if you want something a little special, let me know!!

Tel / text: 07738 411635