Microblading now available at All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge


We now offer Microblading at All Seeing eye Tattoo Lounge in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.










Our fully qualified microblading technician, Victoria Louise (Torz) offers free consultations and patch tests prior to booking in. A numbing agent is used for the most comfortable experience.

If you would like to enquire about microblading, you can contact Victoria direct and she can give you any advice needed or book you in for a consultation.

Telephone / Tex / Whatsapp: 07414903474
Email: supernova.victorialouise@gmail.com

Facebook: Supernova_Victoria_Louise
Instagram: @supernova_victoria_louise









We look forward to hearing from you!

New Tattoo Artist Jordan joins All Seeing Eye


We are very happy to announce that we have a fantastic new artist joint the All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge team in Dewsbury as of January 2019!

Jordan McCrea is a phenomenal tattoo artist specialising in realistic Black and grey tattoos. She is well worth checking out if you’re looking to have some new black and grey tattoo work doing.









Also with her just joining the team all the way from Wigan, she is able to currently get you in relatively quick! Although we have no doubt at all that she will be getting booked up pretty quick. So maybe message over sooner rather than later!!

To book in with Jordan, either come into the tattoo studio in Dewsbury or email her through on: jxrdantattoo@hotmail.com (yes, that is Jxrdan!) or simply call the studio on 01924 488979

























To see more of Jordans work, check out her portfolio on here by goint ot ‘Artists galleries’ then clicking on her name. Alternatively, visit her Instagram @jxrdan_tattoo

We wish Jordan all the best in her home away from home with her tattoo family!

All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge
West Yorkshire

Ear Piercing 101- Part Three

I bet you’ve all been eagerly awaiting the next thrilling installment of Ear Piercing 101.

Well, you lucky people- here it is!


indusIndustrial (aka Scaffold).

An industrial piercing is traditionally a pair of helix piercings connected by one barbell- like the one pictured. Maybe you want to connect your upper conch to your lower conch, or your rook to your daith… why stop there? Thanks to the wonderful people at Industrial Strength, an industrial can be several ear piercings interconnected via specialist jewellery.

unfortunately not everyone is suited to the traditional-style industrial so a consultation with your piercer is always recommended. Also, industrials are uncomfortable to have pierced, and can be a pain in the… ear to heal.


The one true orbital is two piercings connected by a ring; they are the circular equivalent of the industrial.

They’re typically placed in the helix or lobe, but you can get a little more adventurous and get the rook-to-forward helix ‘UFO’ orbital (if you really hate sleeping that is).

Like the industrial, they can be difficult to heal; but there’s no denying how badass you will look wearing one!



Rook piercing is placed through the inferior crus of the triangular fossa, which is the sturdy fold just behind the forward helix. They look great with either a ring or a curved barbell with a bit of added sparkle.

Like most cartilage piercing, they can be quite uncomfortable to have done but they usually heal without too much fuss.

The photo to the left is of Coral’s ear. As well as a fancy rook piercing it also features a pair of fancy turquoise conch piercings, two helix rings, a little diddy tragus, a stretched earlobe, AND some facial scarification (Coral is a bonafide baddass!).


Keep your peepers peeled for the fourth and final installment of this Ear Piercing journey 🙂

Ear Piercing 101- Part Two

I hope you’re all ready for this next thrilling installment about ear piercing.

It’s gonna be a veritable rollercoaster ride, so sit still and strap yourself in cos I’ve got some of ear piercing heavy-hitters coming up!


earLGEar Lobe.

The ear lobe is without-a-doubt the most popular piercing in the galaxy.

Just about everybody has one, and rightfully so-

They’re versatile, easy to heal, and open to a plethora of jewellery options.

Ear lobes come in all shapes and sizes, and I’ve never met a lobe I couldn’t pierce.

For those that might ask- THERE IS NO GAY SIDE! So lets put that myth aside and we can all sound a lot less ignorant. Win/Win.




The Helix is the cartilage curl that folds around the perimeter of the ear.

After the ear lobe, it is a firm 2nd place on the piercing popularity polls.

It’s also super versatile, but it can be quite a tricky dicky to heal.

I would recommend popping back to have your jewellery downsized 3-4 weeks after the initial piercing (providing it’s healing well of course). Otherwise you could end up with the jewellery migrating, leaving you with a wonky & irritated piercing which is no fun at all.



FHForward Helix.

I know, I know- F comes before H. However it makes more sense to do it this way, and I don’t need to explain myself; SO THERE!

The forward helix has gained massive popularity over the past 5 or so years and rightfully so!

These piercings look fantastic as a solo piercing, but when you make it a double or triple it can look truly phenomenal.

Not every ear is suitable for multiple piercings in this area, so it’s always a good idea to come through for a consultation 🙂

I always offer discounts on multiple piercings btw 😉


That’s it for part two. Part three will be coming up next week. Thanks for reading.

-Stabby Luke



Ear Piercing 101- Part One.

Everyone loves pierced ears. Earlobes themselves are the most socially acceptable piercing one can have.

However, if you like something a little spicier than mayo, there is a whole world of options to enhance your lugs.


The above image gives you a good idea of the areas of the ear which can be pierced.

Let’s go through them alphabetically and hopefully I can help you reach a decision on which of these piercings you may want in the future:

antitragus copy


The anti-tragus is the firm little nubbin above your earlobe.

They are most commonly pierced with a curved barbell.

They are one of the more uncomfortable ear piercings you can get but they really do look stunning with the right jewellery choice.







This is one of my favourite piercings of all time.

The conch is the inner shell of your ear. It can be pierced at the very top, the very bottom, or anywhere inbetween.

It’s such a versatile area for multiple piercing projects, large-gauge piercing, or jewellery with larger attachments.

This area also looks great with a ring but if you call it an orbital I will slap that word right out of your mouth…

Okay, I wouldn’t really slap you with anything other than knowledge; An orbital is two piercings connected by one ring. A conch with a ring is a conch with a ring.





Actually pronounced ‘doth‘***- not ‘dayth‘, ‘die-ath‘, and definitely not ‘darth

Actually won’t cure your migraines, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that it might help (no promises).

Actually looks superb so you should get it anyway!

It’s a spicy meatball this one, so be prepared for a sharp pinch. It is so worth it!

***if you come to see me for this piercing, and you pronounce it correctly, I will give you 20% off***


Thus concludes Part One. Check back soon for the next thrilling installment of Ear Piercing 101!!!

-Stabby Luke

New studio manager at All Seeing Eye

We would just like to welcome Josh on board as our full time resident studio manager at All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge in Dewsbury.

If you are looking to get booked in for any tattoos, piercings or any other of our services feel free to pop in and have a word with him or fire an email over to info@all-seeing-eye.co.uk and Josh will do her upmost to help you out and get you booked in!

New body piercer Luke joins us at Dewsbury

All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge are very proud to welcome on board Luke Iley, a highly accomplished body piercer with over 19 years experience in all types of body piercing and body modification.

He’ll be working alongside the tattoo artists in our Dewsbury based studio (West Yorkshire) with his own private work area. If you are looking to get any kind of piercing at all, he is definitely the man to go to as he has vast experience in doing every type of body piercing imaginable.

There is a huge choice of piercings available and should you be in any doubt what they all are, by all means pop in to see Luke (All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge, 9b Northgate, Dewsbury, WF13 1DS – Next door to the Wetherspoons Timepiece pub and up the stairs) or just give him a call at the studio (Tel: 01924 488979).

Luke only every uses the absolute best piercing needles and equipment along with very high grade jewellery. We also have a huge range of body piercing jewellery to choose from in the studio.

All work is carried our in a very clean and sterile environment to the highest standard and Luke is always on hand to give you the very best piercing aftercare and advice that you need to make sure your piercing experience is the best it can be.

Some of Luke’s recent piercings.

For further information regarding any kind of body piercing by Luke, please call in for an informal chat.

All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge
9b Northgate
West Yorkshire
WF13 1DS

Tel: 01924 488979

Luke’s Instagram: @stabbyluke
Studio Instagram: @ase_tattoo_lounge

Facebook studio page: https://www.facebook.com/AllSeeingEyeTattoo/


All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge moves to Dewsbury to the Tattoo House

All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge has grown once again!! We have taken on the very well established Tattoo House that has been a firm fixture in Dewsbury for around 25 years under the ownership of David Banfield, a very well respected and multi-award winning tattoo artist.


All Seeing Eye has taken on the modern studio along with artists and piercers H and Maria. This is a substantial move for our tattoo studio now growing it into a unbeatable studio with 5 resident tattoo artists, 2 piercers  and full laser removal facilities.

We are expecting the studio to become very busy as we merge our previous Heckmondwike customers with the Tattoo House existing clients along with new customer. It’s very exciting times!

We have a studio now with all the lastest equipment and products and artists that provide custom tattoo work, very experienced in house piercers and a huge selection of jewellery, and laser facilities for getting rid of those unwanted or old tattoos.

We are easy enough to find positioned right next door to The Time Piece (Wetherspoons pub) and up the stairs.

Feel free to pop in for a no obligation chat or enquiry on any of the services we provide.

We look forward to seeing you all soon at the all new All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge.

Upcoming Tattoo Conventions for 2016 that we’re attending!

2016 Tattoo conventions
Can’t make it over to the studio to get tattooed?… Well it’s not all doom and gloom, we do regular tattoo conventions all over the place. Here’s a few that we’re attending this year. If you’re looking at attending one of these shows and would like to get tattooed in public, fire over an email! 🙂
(Disclaimer: Please bear in mind we tend  to be a little more selective when it comes to the conventions for the tattoos we would like to do at them. We look for pieces that are going to excite us and anyone visiting the convention. These are usually a day sitting and we usually ask if the client is able to hang about for any competitions that may be getting held that we could enter them into afterwards!). Send your ideas to: info@all-seeing-eye.co.uk if you’re serious about this. Thanks!!

Dan and Steve are attending:
Liverpool Tattoo Convention – 7th and 8th May


Dan attending:
Scarborough Tattoo Show – 4th and 5th June

Steve attending:
Leeds Tattoo Expo – 4th and 5th June


Dan attending:
Cardiff Toy and Tattoo Convention – 23rd and 24th July


Steve and Lynden attending
Tattoo Jam (Doncaster) – 6th and 7th August


Dan and Steve attending:
Blackpool Tatcon – 20th and 21st August

Website looks unavailable. Go to the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/tatconblackpool

Dan and Steve attending:
Sheffield Tattoo Show – 5th and 6th November