I just love it when a customer comes in and asks for something that really gets me excited to tattoo. This is happening quite often it has to be said, I have been blessed with customers with some awesome taste in tattoos!

I’m really looking forward to a traditional stlye anchor i’m getting to do tomorrow on a customers chest tomorrow, it’s going to look cool. Also, another customer has come in for a big owl’s head to be done on his leg in more of a realistic style. Brilliant. Can’t complain!


So if you’re in the Leeds or Bradford area and are looking for a local based tattoo studio providing a good standard of work at currently unbeatable prices, look no further!!

I’m still only charging £40 per hour for work with it often working out slightly cheaper than this. Look through my gallery at the style of work I like to do and take on and get in touch for something that will look badass.

I can usually draw up custom designs for my customer to make sure they get something unique to anyone else. So I can work off your ideas or sketches or photos of things that you like to come up with your very own unique tattoo.