You can now get updates about some of the tattoos i’ve done at our Bradford, West Yorkshire tattoo shop, All Seeing eye Tattoo Lounge if you’re an avid Tumblr user.

Log into your own Tumblr, and click this link:

Then click ‘Follow’ in the top right of the page! Easy.

It’s just somewhere to talk further about some of the pieces i’ve done, the inspiration behind them and just general thoughts.

What i’m enjoying at the moment is recommending better ideas to people. For example, a chap came in today in his early 40’s after his first tattoo, great! Didn’t really have a clue what he wanted and was open to suggestions, yet when I asked what sort of thing he liked, he was pointing out really old and out of date tattoos that were the in thing 10 or 15 years ago but would look very much dated nowadays. It kinda taught me though that even though the tattoo industry as artists will frown on designs such as tribal and similar type patterns, that there are still an awful lot of people out there that look at them and think ‘Wow – that’s ace’.. so really, who are we to judge what looks good and bad, surely it’s a personnel thing? Well,…. that makes me a massive hypocrite because I informed him that the things he was pointing out on my screen were very dated now and then proceeded to help him with a totally unique and totally awesome design instead.

Hopefully when i’ve done it, i’ll remember to post up what the customer came in for, and what he left with! and i’m sure it’s going to be something he looks in the mirror and is glad he got some insider advice on rather than something a million other people have.

Cool beans…. over and out for today.